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If you are looking for a way to heat and cool your multi-unit building consider National Comfort Products. NCP manufactures thru the wall packaged heating/ cooling units and split condensing units.  Different that the standard PTAC, NCP units are designed to use ductwork to deliver the conditioned air evenly though your property.  All unit are DOE and AHRI listed insuring critical heating and cooling outputs.  Manufactured in Bensalem, PA, National Comfort stocks unit and ships within days, keeping you projects on time. Need to replace another brand of units, no problem, NCP products are built in different sizes chassis to fit existing openings. 

Why Thru- the Wall                           

bulletBetter Appearance
bulletSeparate meter savings
bulletNo theft of vandalism
bulletground clutter eliminated
bulleteasily serviced in any weather
bulletless expensive installations
bulletshorter copper tube, and electrical runs
bulletNo expensive landscaping to hide pad mounted units   

For more information: www.nationalcomfortproducts.com


Some installations using National Comfort Products