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Can I purchase a Fujitsu system online? No, please see the statement below from Fujitsu concerning online sales

 PLEASE NOTE:  Internet sales are strictly prohibited and unauthorized.  Any HVAC systems purchased on the Internet, from an online retailer or any similar e-tailing website, OR where the original factory serial numbers of the display have been removed, defaced, or replaced in any way WILL NOT BE COVERED BY WARRANTY. 

How much can I save with Fujitsu? Find out with the Fujitsu  Energy Calculator.




Remotely Manage your Fujitsu mini-split system from your:



or PC

via the internet!

RLS3 leads the industry in efficiency

 up to 33 SEER and 14.2 HSPF



Extended heating models have heating output rated to -15 degrees

without sacrificing cooling efficiencies

Now with dual and tri zone models





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